Annual dues are payable July 1st each year. Dues expire June 29th each year.

Club Application
Being a club member provides the following:
1.  A range to practice archery to include practice butts.
2.  Paid Iowa Bowhunter Association dues.
3.  Discounts on club sponsored events.
4.  Free bowhunter education classes.
5.  Various club sponsored activities (i.e. Realman hunt, Bunny Hunt, Carp-O-Rama…)

Terms of Membership:
1.  All members must attend at least three (3) club meetings per year unless otherwise agreed upon by the Board of Directors.
2.  All members must maintain an image of a responsible bowhunter.
3.  Any member convicted of game law violations will be expelled from the club.

Upon Successful Completion of this form you will be redirected to the Home Page a member of the club will also be contacting you to discuss the next meeting time.

Thank you very much.